It was Saturday afternoon and Lena Khouri, CURIO's founder, needed something to wear. She was flying out for a wedding the next day and hadn't had time to shop for a dress. It was too late to shop online so she had no other option but to go to a crowded mall in LA. She ended up buying something generic but stumbled on a small boutique on her way home where she purchased a dress she actually liked.

"When I got home I thought: With technology today, why isn't it easy for me to search for what I want from home and find it at a boutique near me without going to the mall? It would save me time and I'd feel good about supporting a local shop."

From this experience CURIO was born.
With a mission is inspire daily confidence, even with a busy lifestyle, CURIO partners with a select number of local boutiques to get customers clothing & gifts in under two hours. Shoppers can search for what they want across multiple boutiques and pick-up in store or get products delivered on-demand.

"People love shopping at unique small stores but until now it's been time consuming and inefficient" said Christine Outram, CURIO's co-founder. "We believe that convenience doesn’t just mean buying from Amazon and that supporting local small businesses is a better way to shop.

CURIO is only in Los Angeles right now, but they plan to expand to other cities in 2018.