Top Five with Joanna Spicer

Hailing from the East Coast and currently residing in sunny Los Angeles, Ceramist, Youtuber, Podcaster and Passionate Cat Mom Joanna Spicer shares her Top Five with us.

Joanna Spicer

1. You're stranded on an island - what skincare product are you clinging onto for dear life?

Definitely SPF. Assuming I ever get off the island I want to arrive back home looking fresh and beachy ala Brooke Shields in The Blue Lagoon VS Tom Hanks in Castaway. As for brands, I really love the SuperGoop products for SPF. I have almost their whole line. I also love one by a brand called Neogen that I’ve been trying out recently.

2. The clothing item you'll be wearing forever, regardless of if it's in style or not?

Probably oversized t-shirts. They’re really comfortable and I think they always look good whether it’s a vintage T-shirt. Or something new and crisp. Tucked in, untucked. I feel like a good T-shirt will always be in.

3. Is there a cafe or restaurant you could eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at (in L.A.)?

Wow it’s so hard to choose just one. Especially for all 3 meals! I usually have my favorite brunch spots, my favorite lunch spots and my favorite dinner spots. Can I cheat and say 3? Brunch I really love Sqirl. There’s always a line around the block no matter what day you go. It’s kind of a Silver Lake cliche at this point, but it’s really good. My favorite thing to order is the seasonal hash.

My favorite place to go for lunch is Jon & Vinny’s. It’s like a casual and modern restaurant that has the best Italian food. I only go there for lunch because for dinner all the lights become purple and they blast music and it’s what I can only assume eating dinner during a full acid trip feels like.

For dinner my go-to is Little Dom’s - it’s to the point where my boyfriend has asked me if we could go literally anywhere else. I’m a known repeat offender and I like what I like! It’s a cozy little Italian place that is really chill and romantic for dinner. I’m obsessed with their rice balls which are basically like adult mozzarella sticks.

Joanna Spicer

4. A song you never get tired of hearing?

Silver Springs by Fleetwood Mac. Hugely underrated song - I just never get sick of this song! No matter what mood I’m in if this comes on in my shuffle I never skip.

5. Say there's a fire, and the cats get out on their own (safe and sound), what are you taking with you?

I feel like in a fire I’d be one of those idiots who spends too much time just hauling things out of the windows while my house is engulfed in flames, but the first thing that comes to mind is my favorite blanket. It’s a quilt that was on my bed all through childhood and it’s so old and ratty now and every time I snuggle up with it I feel so safe. I definitely would risk my life to save it!

Catch more of Joanna over on her Youtube channel and be sure to check out her ceramics!