Top Five Summer Trends: Mens Edition

A few years back, while perusing the ‘mens’ section for a birthday gift, I had an epiphany - menswear is better. Like a lot better. The tailored cuts, simple shapes and room to layer make for a much more adventurous dressing process. One I was hellbent on incorporating into my own wardrobe. Fast forward three or so years later and the androgynous look is all the rage. A trend (dare I say, movement?) providing us with the perfect platform to get spicy and step across the aisle and into a pair of slightly oversized chinos and a coveted scumbro Hawaiian shirt.

All this to say, that while this is our Summer Trends: Men’s Edition, any self-proclaimed fashionista will benefit from exploring the looks of the season. Happy shopping!


Sleek and fitted looks are back in a big way this season. Seen across the SS19 runways in London, Milan and Paris, an overall “return to elegance” has taken center stage.

Charles Jefferey Loverboy

Multicolor Suit (jacket)/ $689

Business in the shape but party in the pattern - this suit jacket is certain to make statement!

Comme des Garçons

Black Chino Trousers / $253


Get yourself a pair of short-shorts, trust me! Another trend seen all over from brands and designers like Prada, Off-White and more. Straight men are certainly the last to this party, but we are welcoming them with a glass of rosé and open arms!

Neil Barrett

Khaki Shorts / $375

Think tailored camp counselor meets modern day hype beast.


Mona Lisa Shorts / $280

Stay cool while looking cool in these Virgil Abloh Mona Lisa short-shorts.


Not your kid brother’s tie-dye either. Slowly but surely we’ve been seeing more takes on the well known psychedelic rainbow swirls, opting for more simplified patterns that turn a look without taking it over completely.

Palm Angels

Grey Tie-Dye / $135

Tie-dye that doesn’t take over your whole look!

Ovadia & Sons

Blue Tie-Dye / $140

See? Not all dye tops have to feature a swirl pattern…


To be clear, I am not referring to fanny or “belt” packs. While the slouchy, chest grazing, fanny pack is definitely here to stay, it is time to graduate to a more structured and aesthetically interesting method of carrying your phone, keys and wallet. This season, you need to find yourself a handbag!


Le Pitchou / $235

Small enough to carry your essentials, chic enough to elevate your look in a snap.


N-Shoulder / $45

For the person that carries a little more than the standard phone, keys wallet.

Last, but certainly not least…

Hiking Sandals

Clunky, generally ugly, and all around the coolest addition to any Summer wardrobe - the hiking sandal! A sandal with many names, forms, price points and styling choices it’s impossible to not include.


Eye Sandals / $218

Almost like tevas but far, far better.

Rick Owens x Birkenstock

Babel / $385

The literal holy grail of ugly but cool sandals. Praise be.