Step Into Tamara Mellon's Closet at her Pacific Palisades Boutique

Have you ever wondered what the closet of the former Jimmy Choo co-founder, Tamara Mellon, looks like? I’d imagine it’s organized by color and designer with all the shoes you ever wanted ready to be worn with confidence. Well, now you can experience walking into Tamara’s closet and shopping her latest collection at her Pacific Palisades boutique.

Unlike any store I’ve ever seen, you walk into what feels like her closet with all the shoe sizes displayed in front of you. Tamara and her team wanted to change the experience of waiting for someone to find your size in the back and focused on empowering her customer to reach for her size and try it on right away.

Since launching her namesake brand, Tamara Mellon has redefined luxury with unique shoe designs that break rules and inspire women to keep moving up. Gone are the days where shoes are marked up significantly more than it cost to make them. Tamara works with family-run factories in Italy to design high quality products and sells them directly to her consumer. But our favorite part about her new brand is the edgy, fun, and rule breaking attitude behind her shoes. These are the cheekiest ones from her latest collection.


Description: Strength is Sexy. So is a woman in the Mister.

Nothing more we can say here. The shoes speak for themselves.


Description: If a Dating App Were a Shoe. The Liaison 105 was built for making connections.

With a well-crafted pointed toe, sandal strap and block heel, these shoes were made for the ultimate connector. They’re for the woman who is always networking and making moves to get to the next level.


Description: Good Girl Shoes Gone Bad. The sweet silhouette gets a provocative update with an almond toe and a straight-to-the-point stiletto heel.

A classic design that every woman should own. Wear them once and you’ll feel empowered to put your best foot forward.

Siren 105

Description: We'll Let You In On a Secret. The Siren pump appears to be magically floating on your foot, but in reality it's thanks to the PVC detail. We won't tell if you don't.

What woman wouldn’t want a pump that feels like it’s floating? Add a sexy design and we’re never taking these off.


Description: Be Your Own Hero. A classic silhouette for fighting everyday battles.

With more female entrepreneurs than ever before, we’ve never wanted a shoe to help us get through our daily battles as much as we do now.


Description: Pencil Me In. For the 9 a.m. meeting and the 9 p.m. drinks. The carpool dropoff and the flirty pick up. The 20 block walk and the 20 minute appearance.

For the on-the-go woman who’s juggling more than you can imagine in a single day. These boots were made to get you from your morning meetings straight into your evening plans.