Beyoncé Is A Virgo, So That Has To Count For Something

As summer begins to slowly fade into the distance, so does our spicy, high energy left over from Leo season. Leading us into a calmer, more grounded version of ourselves and encouraging us to dive fully into all things self-care. Virgos are often times associated with being overly analytic and hyper organized, which, depending on your chart could make Virgo season another emotional state of “what the hell is going on”. In that same vain however, Virgo season pushes us all to simply get in touch with ourselves (whatever that means for you), and to reassess our wants, needs and desires.

As an earth sign, Virgo is closely connected with the body. Unlike fellow earth sign Taurus, Virgo isn’t primarily sensual or hedonistic; rather, Virgo is focused on health and care and living a good life inside this human form. Virgo season is about treating your body respectfully — by eating foods that make you feel stronger, or exercising just enough to steady your mind, or finally making that doctor’s appointment you’ve been avoiding, or just getting enough sleep. This is a time to care for yourself the same way you would for a friend you really love. - The Cut

Since this season is essentially a figurative re-start button, we’ve put together a list of everything that will help you get down to business - or at least look cute while doing so!

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