A New Wave Of Athleisure

A few days ago during my lunch scroll-a-thon on Instagram, I took notice of a few new ‘micro-influencers’ gracing my discover feed. Minimal makeup, simple tops and/or boyfriend tees paired with joggers or leggings. Athleisure, but not as heavily styled, lounge looks, but in a way that felt intentional, and not in the way that you may have forgotten needing to leave the house today.

And best of all, they looked comfortable!

In the age of the Glossier, “model off-duty” aesthetic it comes as no surprise that there would be something of the style equivalent waiting in the wings, and I’m personally welcoming this ‘new wave’ of athleisure with open arms.

In comparison to the hype-bae athleisure that usually fills up our feeds, there is something that feels more achievable in these looks. Maybe it’s the lack of heavily branded streetwear pieces, with InstaBrows to match, or maybe it’s that this is symbolic of a larger movement to strip back down (a lá the 90’s supermodel days) and dare to be, the most natural and “effortless” version of yourself.

In any case, I love an excuse to stock up on basics and wear my comfy clothes out and about, so with this in mind I’ve compiled a list of a few brands making the perfect basics to complete this look.

Joah Brown


Joah Brown



Shorts Type D. Version 1 / $48


T-shirt Type A Version 4 / $32

Girlfriend Collective

Midnight Compressive High-Legging / $68

Kindred Black

Jesse Crew / $128