The L.A. Label Breathing Artistry Back Into Everday Jewelry

Jewels, cinema references, handcrafted scents, and an Instagram feed so aesthetically soothing it could replace your Tuesday morning yoga class. Mondo Mondo is a small, chic, jewelry and fragrance studio based in Los Angeles. Founded in 2012 by designer and perfumer, Natasha Ghosn with the intention of creating original, artful and whimsical modern heirlooms.

Ghosn describes the label as “providing a visual and sensual world inspired by archaic wonders and baroque ornamentation. Mondo Mondo, a name chosen for its cinematic undertones, utilizes the ancient art of storytelling to guide our designs to fruition. Intrinsically archetypal, our pieces become both personal and universal.”

As for their collections, you can be sure to find an eclectic mix of statement, minimal and timeless pieces. With each individual piece handmade to order, Mondo Mondo is one of the few brands setting the precedent that quality of quantity is truly the future of the fashion and accessories industries.

Oogle over some of our favorite pieces below and stop by their stunning Studio Shop in Highland Park!

Mood Ring


If this doesn’t take you back to middle school in all be best ways, IDK what will!

Viva Earrings


For those days when your outfit needs a glamorous boost.

Ooga Booga Necklace


Talk. About. Fun!

Celeste Bracelet


This delicate little number is subtle enough for everyday wear, and statement enough to add a lil’ pop to any look.