Accessory Round Up: Sunnies For Every Occasion

Sunglasses are hands down my most favored accessory. I am (annoyingly enough) that person who wears them all year round, in doors and outdoors, on my face or on my head. My love affair with sunnies started young as my mother was known to have a funky pair of shades gracing her face all summer long, sparking my interest then and leading me to a point where now, sunglasses are my ~thing~ like I am the girl with the cool sunglasses, always!

I recently decided it was time to add a new pair into the rotation and well, I thought I might as well share my hunt with the masses! What pair would you go with?

Le Specs

The Ginchiest / $79

This mauve/muted green has been everywhere this season and for good reason!

Le Specs

Outta Love / $79

Something about this shape reminds me of the Spice Girls and for that reason alone, I love these!


Ash Silver Amethyst / $89

I’ve taken enough astrology quizzes to know that the cat eye suits my personality best, and these funky shades are a fun twist on the otherwise classic shape.


The Elton / $119

The easiest way to make a boring outfit cool is by adding fun, tinted, tiny sunglasses!

Garret Leight

Marr / $420

Classic like the aviator shape we all know and love, but a little more fun because they’re square instead!

Garret Leight

Clune / $340

Words that come to mind when looking at these; "hip, espresso, IPA, Brooklyn”.


Unibrow / $85

I must confess that I love these sunnies more than I probably should! The unique shape is unlike literally anything else.