Holy Grail Series: The Cotton Crew

Welcome to CURIO’s new Holy Grail Series. A place where one of us will talk your ear off about the items we simply can’t live without, or would 100% fight a person for! Think of this as a guide to our most genuine recommendations in the fashion, beauty and skincare categories since we will only be discussing things we actually reach for on the daily.

Starting with the base to any well rounded closet - the white t-shirt!

A perfect white tee can change your life, trust me. For the longest time I thought it was absurd to spend more than $10 on a t-shirt until a few years back when I learned about the brand Everlane, that makes sustainable basics ideal for any day of week. My personal favorite of their collection is The Cotton Crew; described as being “a true gamine classic. This boyish tee features a crew neck and slim short sleeves.” which hits the nail on the head because I certainly feel like a stylish 13 year old boy whilst wearing this tucked into my Levi’s.


Oh, and the cherry on top - this tee is just $18.00! Not too shabby considering how pricey some sustainable wears can be. As for styling I am a fan of keeping things simple for the sheer fact that you can never go wrong with jeans and a t-shirt or a little silk slip skirt (say that three times fast) with the tee tied in the classic middle school gym class knot.

So have I convinced you that you need this top in your life? Maybe the color white doesn’t tickle your fancy, which is a-okay since they have it in exactly nine other colors AND a striped option!

the cotton crew.jpg