Cancer Season

Get your Kleenex and diary ready, we’ve officially entered Cancer season doll face! This summertime water energy is here to bring us back to reality with one emotional breakdown after the other. Feeling your feelings is important, and for that reason this season can prove to be a beneficial one to us not so emotional types.

“With the summer solstice, the sun moves from Gemini into Cancer. And if all the previous month’s springtime Gemini energy had you feeling breezy and bright — if you’ve been social and alive in the world, if you’ve been relishing in the sparkle and shine of your rowdy chaotic energy — well, we’re in Cancer season now, and I’m sorry to tell you, but it’s time to get soft again. It’s time to feel your feelings.” - The Cut

To help you ease into the season of the homebody, we’ve curated a list of the most Cancer friendly items of the moment - happy shopping!


ReNew Fleece / $55

Make your impending cry session a cozy one with this light weight fleece!

The Frankie Shop

Rika Neck Scarf / $145

We all know neck scarves are super versatile, use this navy number as a hair-tie, top or impromptu handkerchief!


Cancer Necklace / $79

A necklace as delicate as a Cancer’s feelings.

Sloane Crosley

Look Alive Out There / $15

A witty, fun and comforting collection of essays, perfect for a cozy night in!

New Classics

Troubled Spirits Roll-On / $56

Described as Whiskey soaked spices and wine soaked fruit are carried across by charred oak barrel and a deep amber scent. Uhm, yummo!