The Beach Tote: Our Top Ten

Ahh, the beach tote. Your trusty catch all for those sun drenched, rosé filled Saturdays. May it be wicker, may it be large and may you remember to let out the sand prior to flinging it into the backseat of your car. There are many options when it comes to tote bags, and maybe you aren’t a straw bag kinda person, maybe you’re more of the simple canvas bag type, or who knows maybe you’re super cool and have a wacky pattern (baggu certainly has some tempting ones).

Whatever your style, we know how important this bag ends up being throughout the summer season. And with that being said we decided to do some digging and compile the best of the best, the crème de la Crème if you will, of the beach totes!

Happy shopping! Oh and don’t forget your sunscreen!

Gingerly Witty

Picnic Basket Bag / $79

For the folks that are low maintenance and really just need some snacks and enough room for a koozie.

12th Tribe

Crochet Fringe Bag / $38

A towel, bikini and your current fav book are all you’re packing this summer.

Show Me Your Mumu

Malibu Bag / $52

Perfect for those days where you have every intention of watching the sun rise and set from your beach chair - you can fit all of your daily essentials in this puppy!

Show Me Your Mumu

Woven Beach Bag / $56

You use a sleep app and you are devoted to your morning routine. You like a little structure in your life, and this bag can give you just that!

Ragdoll LA

Zebra Tote / $49

I take it you’re the Aries of the group. You need enough space for your outfit change and that charcuterie board you just need to lay out on the beach and photograph for instagram.


Standard / $12

If this doesn’t scream “it’s summer and I want a creamsicle” I don’t know what does. Waterproof, compact and just damn cute!


Canvas Market Tote / $48

Their new market totes are the ideal size for a full picnic, a blanket, towels and maybe a few La Croix too.

Lou & Grey

48 Hour Tote / $79

For that last minute trip to your BFF’s beach house!


Brain Dead / $120

Too cool for school. Too cool for the regular ol’bag. We see you!


Venti Beach Tote / $78

Last but certainly not least, the classic, holy grail, straw beach bag. Big, sturdy, nostalgic and definitely still holding sea shells from last summers adventures.