I'm Stealing All Of These Outfit Ideas & So Should You

Getting creative with your daily uniform can be, well, tiring and with the weather (finally) starting to show signs of summer heat, I’ve found myself scouring the depths of my discover page for inspiration and trends but most of all, fully developed looks. Like outfits I can recreate in my own closet and feel 100% in. I mean how many times have you seen an outfit and thought “damn, I love everything about this”? And, while I most likely won’t find these exact articles of clothing in my current wardrobe, I can certainly find similar pieces to capture the overall vibe.

What looks are inspiring your Summer wardrobe?

#1 - The Ultimate Summer Friday Getup

A short, white tee dress complete with a straw hat, wicker purse and bottle of rosé. I mean hello.


#2 - A Saucy, Monochromatic Moment

I’m a sucker for anyone bold enough to wear one color or pattern head to toe, and this all red situation is exactly the kind of thing I want to wear while running errands on a Saturday afternoon.


#3 - The Prairie Dress, But Make It Heatwave Friendly

Mama loves a good puffy sleeve. Pair that with a plaid print reminiscent of your childhood beach blanket and we have a winner for any day of the week!


#4 - Bless The Silk Slip Dress

I don’t know about the weather in your neck of the woods, but around here it’s chilly in the morning and blazing hot the moment the clock strikes noon. Keeping it cool in a black slip with your fav oversized crewneck and some kicks is definitely going to be go to look this month.


#5 - Keep It Simple, Keep It Chic

Lightweight black trousers and a white tee styled with strappy sandals - fool proof!


#6 - Playing With Color

Tie-dye, cheetah print, texture - this outfit covers all your bases in terms of the seasons trends and honestly I’m here for it!