Must Have Sandals Of The Season

When the temperature rises above 63 degrees I get excited for a few things - shedding my “ugly coat” for good, ordering my iced oat milk latte and (finally) letting my toes out to see the literal light of day. Summer brings the invigorating feeling of a fresh start, and right around this time every year I find myself in the same predicament; I dig out my Summer staples, order new Summer staples from some of my favorite shops, then eventually I find myself getting ready for the first outing of the season and...I don't have any appropriate shoes! Maybe it’s because I spend most of the year in Chicago and quickly lose the use for cute sandals, and easy flip-flops so like clockwork I end up in the market for new sandals.

In an effort to take the proverbial bull by the horns, I've put together a list of the shoes that I will inevitably be purchasing myself and tucking away safely under my bed at the end of the season.

Let’s get shopping shall we?



Made in Spain, the Xavi is a minimal sandal featuring tubular cream leather toe ring and ankle straps.


Porto Sandal | $218

For being fancy when it’s like 87 with 90% humidity.

Tamara Mellon

Allegra Wedge | $450

Because a wedge sandal will never let you down.

Intentionally Blank

Sharpy Heel in Mustard | $177

For when you’re having a bad day but don't want anyone else to know it.


The Day Crossover Sandal | $88

Simple. Chic. Perfect.