The First Women's Streetwear Boutique on the Iconic Fairfax Ave

Melody Ehsani has always felt that design is what she was designed to do. Her passion for designing shoes, jewelry and other products eventually led her to opening her women’s streetwear boutique on Fairfax - the infamous boys’ club. But what really stands out about her shop is the type of products she sells inside. Inspired by paradox, controversy, justice and pushing the envelope, the M.E. collections are not only well-designed but also carry a strong meaning.

Products like the J’ADORE Equality Tee, Women’s Liberation Earrings, Power of the People Tee and Pay Me Ring are among the many pieces in her collection that have inspired a wave of women and loyal customers to the brand.

In addition to these unique pieces, the growing M.E. community was exposed to more than meaningful products that women want to get behind. It was also about creating experiences that inspire and connect customers. Melody Ehsani started hosting events in the shop called The M.E. Speaker Series. They’ve included conversations with Serena Williams, Emmy award winner Lena Waithe, and Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Patrisse Khan Cullors to name a few. With lines out the door and around the block, it was clear that the M.E. team was building something that their customers really wanted.


Building a brand with purpose has been part of Melody Ehsani’s DNA since it’s conception. Melody talks about her desire to help women by saying “I want the women who wear my pieces to have the same opportunity for equality, wholeness, and self expression.” The brand also donates a portion of each item purchased to the advancement and education of women in our society.

If you find yourself visiting Fairfax Ave, make sure you stop in and check out the store.