Meet the Brand That Makes Clothing Based on Core Archetypes

How does one find their sense of style when we’re surrounded by a world of quick trends and fast fashion that have no meaning? That’s where SØRENSEN comes in. Launched in 2016 and created by Wayne Sorensen, former design director of Orlebar Brown, the brand introduced style based around core archetypes.

Focusing on a sense of authenticity, the collection is inspired by historic workwear garments with a personal touch from the brand itself and input from professionals currently in those fields. The brand is created for men but also suitable for women.

The 7 archetypes include: Driver, Engineer, Painter, Dancer, Butcher, Officer, Seafarer. Let’s dive deeper to get to know each one.


“Grounded in an unerring sense of precision, the DRIVER symbolises cool control, decisive agility and a satisfying command of power.”

The DRIVER collection gives you the feeling of ease in your clothing without sacrificing a good, defined fit. It’s meant to make you feel empowered and confident.


“The essence of the ENGINEER is a sturdy breed of elegance - inspired by the profession’s inherent need to marry the practicalities of complex construction with the calculated ingenuity of sublime invention.”

The ENGINEER reminds us of all the makers in our life. Those who want a practical piece with fabric that also feels good when you wear it.


“The most relaxed of the six archetypes the PAINTER denotes ultimate freedom of expression, solo ventures and a discreetly arresting sense of liberation.”

For the creative types who find comfort in freedom but also reflect a unique sense of style. The PAINTER’s launch shirt is a bit over-sized giving it a relaxed vibe instead of a formal one.


“Full of fluidity, the DANCER is a poetic homage to an intense call for discipline, focus and professional rigour but underscored by the everpresent rebellion of artistic flair.”

With trousers, shirts and shorts that are made to give a full range of movement, the DANCER naturally inspires imaginative expression.


“Attuned to the visceral, hands-on skills of traditional butchery, the BUTCHER is rooted in the solid pleasure of mastering a time-honoured process with paramount respect for materials.”

Inspired by an 1890 shirt worn by a French butcher, the signature lengthy shirt for the BUTCHER collection includes side vents and mid-chest height pockets for tools.


“Defined by a steely accuracy and quietly spoken confidence, the OFFICER communicates the natural capacity to distill order from chaos, of composure attached to insight, and understated charisma.”

The OFFICER reminds us of the leaders in our work life. A strong personality with a sharp look and a respectful attitude. It maintains a cool and confident look.


“Anchored in a ready-for-anything appetite for adventure, The SEAFARER relays the skilful endurance, courage and technical dexterity needed for the unpredictability of life at sea.”

The collection made for the explorer and traveler who is up for new experiences. The SEAFARER gives an ease to moving around and wondering into exciting places.