Holy Grail Series: Black Jeans

We’re back with a new installation of our Holy Grail Series, delivering only the most versatile, quality staples for any closet. Good black jeans are just like your favorite coffee shop. A perfect one is soooo hard to find but when you know it’s love, you never want to leave. Maybe that’s why ordering jeans online can be a little nerve-racking, but with so many companies offering free shipping and free returns, it’s worth the risk. Finding a pair that fits like a glove is such a rarity that it’s absolutely okay to dish out a little more money ‘cause you're going to get a high ROI. Pair black denim with heels and a blazer for a chic straight-to-happy-hour-after-work look or sneakers and a tee for a timeless casual vibe. Either way, a good pair of black jeans is something no one should live without! 

I don’t know about you but I thoroughly enjoy sitting, a simple act that most slim jeans don’t permit me to do comfortably. But these jeans pass with the sitting test with flying colors, which is why I tend to stick with a higher waist because it’s not only more comfortable but also much more versatile. 

Founded in 2005 and reimagined in 2017, Goldsign Denim is redefining feminine classics with an emphasis on longevity. Each pair of jeans is sewn in their Los Angeles headquarters and curated under the direction of renowned denim visionary Karen Phelps. After graduating from Newcastle, Phelps climbed the fashion-ladder working for Gap, Calvin Klein, J. Crew and Levi’s prior to becoming the creative director of Agolde and Goldsign. In 2017, Phelps was then boosted to the coveted role of creative director across the board for parent company Citizens of Humanity, whose other brands include Fabric-Brand & Co. as well as Getting Back to Square One. So yeah, these jeans are packed with years of experience, crafted with the utmost expertise, and emanate timeless style. 

Tuck a tee all the way in, French tuck it, tie a button-up in front, pair with a bodysuit or crop top — the styling options with these beauties are endless and we haven’t even started to talk shoe options. Luckily, the waist isn’t skyrocketing so you aren’t stuck with a major mom-jean aesthetic. A sweet bootcut provides maximum leg movement for when you’re on the run and the cropped ankle means no bunching if you pair them with boots! And unlike so many pants designed for feminine bodies, these jeans come with 5, yes 5, whole pockets, because working gals need both hands free. 

Pro denim tip: never ever ever put your jeans through the dryer, especially black ones as they’ll shrink and stain everything in the load. Levi’s CEO Chip Bergh argues that a good pair of jeans should never be washed but, um, ew? I suggest hand washing once a month with the rest of your denim using cold water and air drying all your garments out (mother earth will thank you!).