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LA's Best Boutiques: Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen

Finding designers in LA who care deeply about their customers is difficult. Micah & Jenny Cohen's exclusive collections are forged out of this very mindset - customers first. Shades of Grey is committed to foregoing middle-man retailers and instead selling directly to the people. This allows the boutique to spend time creating pieces focused on what customers want; not what the retailers demand to fit the styles of their shelves.

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LA's Best Boutiques: Arora Boheme

One of Los Angeles's most inspiring qualities is its congregation of culture within one city. Atwater Village-based Arora Boheme satisfies this craving by providing customers with creative home decor from artisans all over the globe. Founder Krissy Arora attributes her creative boho aesthetic to both her parents who originate from India and Guatemala. Arora's team sources unique designers from all around the world in order to combine fashion and culture into exquisite home design.

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LA's Best Boutiques: Banks Journal

Looking good should be easy and that's where LA's Bank's Journal comes in. Co-Founder Rama McCabe is committed to blending style with functionality while maintaining a strong regard for the environment. Pair their walk shorts with their short sleeved button ups or their classic tee shirts and you've got a look that says "I'm casual, but stylish". It's literally that simple. 

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